Phonetizer Online update

At long last I have updated the online version of Phonetizer. 

Now phonetic symbols are correctly added from the toolbar in Google Chrome and Opera (previously there was a bug where clicking on a phonetic symbol in the toolbar resulted in two identical symbols added to the text).

I had to temporarily remove the Speak button because of changes on Microsoft side that broke this functionality. Restoring text to speech abilities requires further investigation.

Listen to English texts with Phonetizer Online

You can now not only add phonetic transcription to English texts but also listen to any English texts with the web version of Phonetizer.

Select any portion of text (in the text box on the right) you want to be spoken and click the Speak button on the toolbar.

Compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome for Windows and macOS X, Opera for Windows, Safari for macOS X, and Firefox for Windows and macOS X. 

The web version of Phonetizer is not optimised for but works in iPads and Android tablet devices, including speech.

Try it here.